Et voici un petit cadeau d’anniversaire pour Darren Smith, alias TopDog! Il s’agit de Screw Ball l’un de ses personnages canin. Si vous parlez un petit peu Anglais, je vous invite a suivre son délirant WebComic : TopDogz.

Screw Ball (by Titash)

Screw Ball

Little birthday gift for Darren Smith (TopDog). This is Screw Ball one ofhis dog characters…
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3 commentaires pour “Screw Ball”

  1. Bocian  4 septembre 2011 • 15:53
    That looks so adorable :D! That cake must be yummy <.<
  2. Top Dog  4 septembre 2011 • 20:12
    Omigosh! Just when I thought everyone (my friends) had forgotten/not cared about my birthday, I get this! Thank you SO much Titash! I love it to pieces and it definitely made my birthday much happier! <3 ps. dont forget to tell me when your birthday is so I can do something for you :)
  3. Titash  4 septembre 2011 • 20:41
    I’m happy you like it and if it make you a smile. :) I will send you HD version soon. Mine it’s september 10, but you don’t need to do that. I did this because it made me happy, not to have a pic. ;)

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